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All about Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer’s disease is commonly caused by dementia. When we say dementia, it refers to a set of symptoms that include language and problem solving difficulty as well as breathing and memory loss. All of these symptoms occur when the brain is damaged by diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. This kind of disease has no available support and treatment yet. If you have Alzheimer’s disease, the protein builds up in your brain to form a structure called tangles and plaques. This disease will make you suffer from shortage of important chemicals in your brain that helps to transmit messages and signals effectively. It is also considered as progressive kind of disease because most parts of the brain are now damaged where most of the symptoms are likely to develop that has the tendency to become more severe.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

This disease generally begins with mild; however, it gets worse as time passes by and starts to interfere to your daily life. The common symptoms of Alzheimer’s at early stage are lapses of memory. They will find it hard to recall learning information and events. Most of the memory events happen long times ago are affected at early stage. Memory loss will affect their person’s life and their condition to progress. They may experience to forget anniversaries or appointment, get lost on familiar journey or place, forget the current events and conversations and find hard to say the right word in conversations. Some people have some difficulties to follow conversation, experience visouspatial skills, and find it difficult to make decisions, solve problems, and carry out the sequence of task. Also, they become confused or lose the track of days and even the date. There are also the possibilities that they will change their mood and become anxious, depressed and irritable. Furthermore, they also lose their interest in their hobbies and activities. The next stage of Alzheimer’s disease tends to develop unusual behaviors or may show out of character. And in the later stage, patients will now become less aware of what are things happening around. They will now find it hard to eat, walk and become frail where they need the help of others. People with Alzheimer’s disease live for about 8-10 years after the symptoms. Age is the greatest factors for the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease. It affects people over 65 years old. The sad news about this disease is that there is no current treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. However there are things you can do to make someone live well while having this disease. These involve non-drug care, activities, support and the medication. There are also few drug treatments for Alzheimer that can temporarily help to slow down progression or alleviate the symptoms. They can be provided with some drug maintenance to help their mental capabilities and daily living and to ease their stress, delusions To make people enjoy life with Alzheimer’s disease, keep them up with activities and provide them with support and care they need.

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