Symptoms, Andropause Causes, Risk Factors, Definition

Symptoms of Andropause

Men who suffer from Andropause experience the following-fatigue, depression, muscle loss, hot flashes, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, sleep apnea, weight gain and irritable syndrome.

These symptoms appear over course of decades that results to slow process attributed when they become old. In connection to these undesirable symptoms, there are many studies showing that decline of testosterone in Andropause put men at risk for bone loss and heart disease. In addition, the symptoms of Andropause are also associated to stress levels, environmental toxins, fitness routine and the nutrition quality. There are only few men who are aware of this kind of disease because it varies to man and they are less educated regarding this kind of condition. Due to this reason, Andropause is still undertreated and under diagnosed. However, there are expert physicians who created proper monitoring of testosterone to diagnose Andropause. It is now easy to understand the treatment wherein physician undergoes extensive training when it comes to Andropause treatment. As it has been said earlier, the natural treatment for Andropause is Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

The hormone imbalances that affect aging are now easy to correct.

Men will no longer live in uncomfortable setting because of their symptoms. This kind of therapy will treat men who have low level of testosterone. It aims to boost their overall being and health. But it is important to keep in mind that androgen replacement therapy is not one size fit solutions. We all know that every physiology and anatomy is unique so it is better to discuss first the risk and benefit of testosterone replacement. And at the same time, you need to consult a qualified physician before you undergo hormone therapy.

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