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What is Acne Vulgaris?

Most individuals with spots have a particular medical condition known as acne vulgaris. This is a common chronic skin disease that involves inflammation of blockage of pilosebaceous units or hair follicles and its accompanying sebaceous gland. This skin disease can be inflammatory lesions, non-inflammatory lesions or can be a mixture of both affecting mainly the face, back and chest. This skin condition starts when dead skin cells and oil clog the pores. Some individuals call acne vulgaris blemishes, whiteheads and blackheads.

Who are Prone to this Skin Problem?

This skin condition can possibly affect anyone in one particular time or another. This can even start at young age such as eight years old. However, if the acne persists, this can be more severe even during adulthood. Acne vulgaris is more common in young adults and teens due to the over activity of oil glands on skin that becomes plugged.

Clinical Features of Acne Vulgaris

Acne usually affects the face however; this may spread into the neck, back, chest and sometimes all over the body. Individual lesion is centered in the hair follicle or pilosebaceous unit and the oil gland associated with it. Many different types of acne spots usually occur at the same time. These might be inflamed nodules, pastules and papules or non-inflamed pseudocysts and comedones.

Superficial Lesions

  • Pastules ( yellow or white squeezable spots)
  • Papules( tender and small red bumps)
  • Open and closed comedones or whiteheads and black heads

Deeper Lesions

  • Pseudocysts or fluctuant and cyst-like swelling
  • Nodules (painful and large red lumps)

Secondary Lesions

  • Scars of different types
  • Pigmented macules or dark marks coming from old spots mainly affecting individuals with darker skin.
  • Excoriations (scratched or picked spots)
  • Erythematous macules or red marks coming from spots healed just recently. This is commonly seen in individuals with fair skin.

Acne lesions of individuals normally last about two weeks or even less than two weeks but the deeper nodules and papules can persist for several months.

Acne Vulgaris Treatments

Treatment for acne vulgaris depends on the gender and age of the patient as well as the severity of the condition and the length of time acne has been present. Another consideration is the patient’s response for previous treatments.

For mild acne, treatment includes lasers, lights and topical anti-acne treatments. If one has moderate acne, he is advised to take antibiotics. Severe acne on the other hand may require serious treatment and course of actions. Though many different treatments work, individuals are still advised to get rid of acne vulgaris the natural way. This is to save them from harsh side effects and ensure their safety and protection.

Many individuals are now suffering from acne vulgaris or common acne. Larger percentage of teens and younger adults are petrified with this skin condition to the extent that they want to try almost all possible options. However, it would be best to talk with a skin expert to determine what treatment method will work for you.


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