How To Get Enough Exercise While Doing Your Holiday Shopping Online

For the sake of convenience and to save time, many people are turning to their computers and smartphones for holiday shopping. Although shopping in crowded department stores and malls does have its drawbacks, it does require those who participate to be on the move.

You’ll walk briskly from the parking lot to the entrance and then hurry from store to store so you don’t miss a sale. All of this movement, even if you are just walking, is great exercise, which helps you to stay healthy.

When you sit for long periods without getting up and moving around, you’re compromising your health. Your body is built for movement and when you’re sedentary for several hours throughout the day, your body pays the price. Extended sitting affects your heart, back, legs, muscles, and even your brain. If you decide to partake in online shopping for the holidays, use the suggestions below so you can get the exercise you need to stay healthy.

Take Quick Exercise Breaks

For every hour you’re spending online shopping or surfing, take a 15-minute exercise break. Start with stretching exercises to get your body limber. Stretch your legs, arms and back to relieve any stiffness that you feel from sitting.

Start exercising by doing leg swings. Swing your leg from front to back and then from side to side. Do this 10 times before switching to the opposite leg. Next, you can do 10 repetitions of squats to get the circulation going in your legs.

Run in place to get your metabolism going in high gear. Push-ups and set-ups are two additional exercises that work various muscle groups in your body.

Only do these exercises if you feel comfortable while doing them. If you are physically unable to do any exercises, just getting up out of your chair and walking around the house will do wonders for your body.

 Do Mini Tasks Around The House

When you’re taking breaks from online shopping, do quick tasks around the house that require you to move, bend or stretch. Grab a dust cloth and dust a few rooms in your home. Get out the vacuum cleaner and vacuum one room during each break. Sweep the kitchen floor, take out the trash or put away the dishes in the dishwasher.

Since it’s the holiday season, you might want to start decorating your house with holiday decorations. Choose chores that are simple and quick to complete. By doing these types of tasks when you take your breaks, your body will feel better and you’ll get some of your household chores out of the way.

These exercise ideas will help you stay healthy while you do your shopping online. You may even be able to come up with different ideas of your own. It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do. What matters is that you take several breaks, get up from your chair and move around.


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