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Weight Loss Health Contribution 

How much of weight loss contributes to health?

Weight loss Health Contribution - The amount of the weight loss that can be considered healthy and is contributing to someone’s health varies for each individual. Having a slow and steady weight loss of one or two pounds every week is considered healthy.

Calorie consumption

Weight loss Health Contribution - According to research, a pound of fat contains around 3,500 calories. Therefore, in order for you to lose one pound a week, you must consume about 3500 fewer calories every week or 500 calories each day. If it seems unattainable, you just have to keep in mind that the activity level you are doing each time you do exercise has a significant impact unto your weight loss. You can reduce 500 to 1000 calories by just doing the combination of the reduced calorie intake and increase physical activity in a daily basis.

Losing weight

Weight loss Health Contribution - Losing weight is just a part or one of your overall goals toward health and wellness. Increasing your daily activity level and eating better can improve your health and wellness. The health authorities and professionals keep on reminding people about taking care and maintaining their health as early as now. They would recommend people to avoid foods that are high in fat and sugar, to reduce alcohol intake, and to maintain your weight loss.

Improve wellness and health

Weight loss Health Contribution - To improve and achieve wellness and health, you must avoid frustration, stress, boredom and sedentary lifestyle. Maintaining your health does not mean that you need to do intensive workouts every now and then to keep your body active. Even simple things can benefit your health and improve your overall well-being and wellness such as taking the stairs instead of elevator or walking instead of driving.

Health Affects

Weight loss Health Contribution - Your health can definitely be affected once you have gained much of your weight. That is why weight loss and your health must go hand and hand. Although you are just slightly overweight, you can still improve your health through losing weight. Remember that even you lose only a small amount of weight it will be beneficial to your health. In the case of the obese patients, losing small amount of weight is significant. Studies shows that modest weight loss of 10% among obese patients can reduce blood pressure, improve the glycemic control, and reduce cholesterol levels. Gradual changes in your habits in eating can surely lead to healthier and consistent lifestyle change.

Health Dietitian

Weight loss Health Contribution - If you are not aware of the things to do in weight loss, you will need to look or seek the help of a registered dietitian, who can provide you with the individualized weight loss and health plan.

Weight loss improvements

Weight loss Health Contribution - Weight loss improves your heart and your life. Gaining much of your weight can strain your heart that can lead to number of health problems such as heart disease. That is how important weight loss to your health is. Slight weight loss could mean more energy that will provide you to do more activities. You do not need to reduce 50 pounds in order to see an improvement to your body.


Weight loss Health Contribution - Being mindful of what you eat has a great impact to your blood pressure but doing exercise is also an essential ingredient for successful weight losing. Workouts can help in lowering your blood pressure for more than five to seven points. You can immediately see the change and improvement after a month that you have been boosting your activity.


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